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Many people do not realize that all chiropractors are not alike. There are literally hundreds of different types of techniques of analyzing and adjusting the spine. While they all have the goal of relieving a patient symptoms, secondary goals and the methods of which they go about achieving this are very different.

Most doctors use their hands to deliver an adjustment or correction of a misaligned vertebra of the spine, some use instruments, and some techniques are actually geared towards repositioning internal organs. Add to this the plethora of soft tissue techniques that are often applied to the surrounding muscle and fascia by many chiropractors and it is no wonder their

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are so many different chiropractic experiences.

Regardless of the doctor or the technique it is important for you as the patient to understand what is wrong with you first. Every chiropractor should perform a complete examination, often including x-rays and then give you a report or explanation of what is wrong, what they can do to affect the problem and how long it might take to see some results.

At our office, we utilize the Gonstead Method which is a full spine analysis and adjusting technique. Dr. Gonstead was a mechanical engineer prior to becoming a chiropractor and he brought that type of analytical thinking to the analysis and correction of the spine. It tends to be more specific than a lot of  other chiropractic adjusting techniques and after 21 years I have seen a lot of patients improve after failing with other chiropractors. I have no doubt that has more to do with the analysis and specificity of the technique than my individual ability.

If you are looking for more information on Gonstead Chiropractic check out this article.

If your are in pain or just don’t feel your best most days, call us to make an appointment or to see how we may be able to help.

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