Low back pain is a common malady that can begin in the morning and continue to worsen throughout the day. While older adults and those who engage in heavy manual labor are more likely to experience low back pain, this debilitating condition can happen at any age. When a person with pain in their lower back decides to visit a local chiropractor in Mill Creek-Geneva, the chiropractor will usually start with an assessment of posture.

Poor posture can begin in childhood when you take on habits such as slouching your shoulders or rounding your back. Certain work conditions, such as sitting at a desk for longer periods of time, can also affect your posture. While low back pain does interfere with your daily comfort levels, the great news is that your chiropractor can make suggestions on how to improve your posture.

Sitting or standing with poor posture places pressure on your spine and it can constrict your nerves, blood flow and muscles in your back area. If you practice poor posture for a long period of time, it can also cause structural changes in your spine. A chiropractor can check your posture by visually observing your spinal alignment in various positions.

Posture correction is a low-invasive way to manage lower back pain, and minor cases of low back pain may be resolved completely by focusing on how you position your body throughout the day. As a general rule, you will be shown how to stand tall while aligning your head with the rest of your body so that your neck and back area remain straight. If you lift heavy objects regularly, you can also learn how to maintain good posture during lifting activities that prevents injuries to your back and spine.

At first, maintaining good posture requires thinking about how you are aligning your body. However, it eventually becomes a natural part of how you sit and walk. Seeing professional assistance with how to maintain good posture places you in a better position for eliminating the strain on your spine that causes low back pain.



Having the right posture is important for proper balance and mobility. However, bone density issues and scoliosis can result in spinal compression which can cause immobility and postural issues across the body. With years of extensive industry experience, a Mill Creek-Geneva Chiropractor can easily check your posture and spine to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

In fact, chiropractors also teach patients about easy posture self checks. This includes looking for any upper cervical obtrusion or hunching, along with keeping an eye out for pain or discomfort. Patients, of course, must report even the slightest pain or distress to their chiropractors at once. This could be signs of aging, however, slipped or bulging discs can also relate to posture problems and tipping over. The latter is basically when a person begins to hunch over due to upper or lower back and spinal problems.

Depending on the severity of the condition, therapeutic massages are usually administered to adjust any spinal or back alignment issues. Hot or cold press care is also used to tackle any visible swelling or underlying pain. Nautical therapies may also be given for patients suffering from blood flow or circulatory problems. These issues can stem from all types of back pain, especially when it comes to nerve and vein damages.

With posture problems comes additional issues and stress. For one, it is next to impossible to lift heavy items without adding strain on the back. Second, sufferers usually have to use canes or walkers to get around, even wheelchairs in more serious cases. Since your posture is based on spinal and back settings, it is important to have a chiropractic checkup at least twice a year.

Regular checkups enable chiropractors to catch any back or spinal issues. They can also formulate strategic care plans, which help restore flexibility and eradicate mild or recurring pain. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule an appointment and get the help you deserve today.


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