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If you are pregnant and have lowback pain you might think about going to a chiropractor for relief.

Just like any individual with back pain, chiropractic care can help give an individual fast relief, even if they are pregnant. The beauty of chiropractic care is that it is a drugless profession that helps individuals get fast pain relief by aligning misaligned bones of the spine. This is extremely important during pregnancy as anything that the mother ingests  goes to her unborn baby, which is why taking any drug, prescription or over the counter is not recommended. Chiropractic care for pregnancy is very effective and extremely safe.

But what should a person do if they have back pain during pregnancy? Well, see a chiropractor first to determine if you have any misaligned vertebra (bones of the spine and pelvis) that might be irritating surrounding nerves, muscles and ligaments resulting in pain. Low back pain, middle back pain, sciatica, pubic pain and abdominal pain, neck pain and headaches during pregnancy can all be the result of these misaligned vertebra. A chiropractor trained in working with pregnant women can help to determine the source of these problems and provide the appropriate adjustments and ancillary care to help make pregnancy more comfortable.

During pregnancy a woman has a number of hormones running around the blood stream that soften ligaments of  the body to prepare it for delivery. More specifically, it is necessary that the ligaments of the pelvis soften to allow for spreading of the pelvis so the baby can more easily move through the birth canal. Unfortunately, this softening often leads to bones more easily mis-aligning. Couple this with the  increased   weight gain that goes along with pregnancy and   a forward shift in the center of gravity and its no wonder you have the majority of women experiencing lower back pain. Unfortunately, many women are never told by their ob/gyn doctors that chiropractic care might help them get pain relief. In addition to providing fast and safe low back and leg pain relief for pregnant women, chiropractic care also helps to facilitate smoother  faster labors  and can help to facilitate the turning of the breach presentation.  For more information check out these articles.

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