Chiropractor In Geneva Helps Locals Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

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Generally, when the term pinched or compressed nerve is heard, it brings a herniation in the spinal column. This can also be true of peripheral nerves. As a prominent Geneva Chiropractor explains, the median nerve, which runs from the lower arm to the hand, can be compressed at the wrist.

The structure called the carpal tunnel is a narrow passage through which the median nerve runs. This nerve activates the thumb and all fingers except the little finger. There are several changes that can occur to create the carpal tunnel syndrome.

The tendons can grow thick and swollen, causing pain. The hand may grow numb. In some cases the numbness and pain affects the forearm as well.

Chiropractic care is effective in combating this pain. One prominent cause is typing. If someone sits at a desk using a computer for eight hours each day, the syndrome may be the hurtful result.

The first chiropractic appointment is spent evaluating the situation. Often the condition makes it impossible to continue a job requiring repetitive motion. Questions will be asked about the level of pain, how long it has been hurting and how disabling it is.

The movement the client is capable of will be assessed. The hand and arm will be palpated to gauge the lack or presence of normal feeling. The client will be asked to demonstrate how much movement he or she is capable of.

The median nerve is not damaged. It is the pressure placed on it that causes the disabling pain. Often a feeling of the fingers being swollen is present although no swelling is visible. Sometimes genetics play a part in carpal tunnel.

Some individuals simply have a smaller carpal tunnel and that leads to compression. Women are are affected three times as often as men due to their smaller stature. An injury to the wrist may lead to development of the syndrome. In rare cases a tumor located in the wrist area may be the cause.

You can get fast and effective finger, wrist, arm, spine and hip pain relief through chiropractic care. Read more here about an experienced Geneva chiropractor at now.

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