Discover Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Geneva IL

by dr.g

Chiropractic, a natural alternative to traditional medicine, is safe for children. The Geneva chiropractor effectively alleviates spinal misalignments. These are common in children as young as newborns for a variety of reasons.

The normal birthing process can result in up to 150 pounds of pressure being placed on a newborn’s neck. The twisting and turning associated with delivery can cause bones in the neck to shift out of position, which may place pressure on nerves exiting the neck and skull. Misalignments are also likely to occur when the infant is malpositioned in the uterus at the time of delivery, or when extraction tools are used or C-sections are performed to assist with the birthing process.

These subtle misalignments of the neck and spine are called subluxations. Health problems can manifest in the organs and tissues associated with affected nerves. Infants typically do not experience back or neck pain because their bones are still flexible. However, they may experience health problems caused by pinched nerves. Some of the most common childhood conditions that can be caused by subluxations include asthma, colic, ear infections, sinusitis, problems with breastfeeding, attention problems, and learning disorders. Some cases of sudden infant death syndrome have been linked to a pinched nerve in the upper neck.

Most Western pediatricians are not trained to look for subluxations in newborns. The Geneva chiropractor recommends that all newborns be examined by a qualified chiropractor within the first two weeks of life. If spinal anomalies go undetected, older children may experience frequent sore throats, back pain, or even scoliosis.

Young patients and their parents attest to the benefits of chiropractic. They report that adjustments are gentle and painless and mitigate a variety of conditions, from sports injuries to headaches to bedwetting. Additionally, parents observe improvements in behavior. The practitioner also gives recommendations on how parents can improve children’s diets to maximize the benefits of therapy and promote overall wellness. For children of all ages, the Geneva chiropractor takes a comprehensive approach to alleviating a variety of health conditions and preventing problems down the road.

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