Fish Oil for Low Back Pain and Anxiety

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Yet more reasons to be taking a good fish oil supplement!

Many realize the cardioprotective effect of fish oil supplementation and getting more omega 3 fatty acids into the diet. Many might even realize that some studies have demonstrated that omega 3 supplementation helps with the reduction of lower back pain. This most likely has to do with the strong anti-inflammatory effect that omega 3 fatty acids possess. However, these studies had individuals taking at least 2.5 – 7 grams of omega 3’s daily.

A more recent study demonstrated that anxiety was reduced in healthy individuals taking omega 3 fatty acids. This is huge, because despite being a small study it was the first to show that omega 3’s possess anti-anxiety effects. On an older population or someone with confirmed anxiety disorder it may even have a greater positive effect.

So in addition, to helping to protect the heart, improve blood lipids and blood sugar, joint protection, and anti-inflammatory properties, we now may be able to add anti-anxiety to the effects of omega 3 fatty acids.

Eating a diet high in cold water fish as well as taking in flax seeds and oil will help to put more of these omega 3 fatty acids into the diet. Cook with Canola, virgin coconut, or olive oil and avoid other polyunsaturated oils and hydrogenated fats in processed and baked goods.

Omega-3 supplementation lowers inflammation and anxiety in medical students: A randomized controlled trial

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