Geneva Chiropractic Office, Ginsberg Chiropractic, Provides Natural Scoliosis Correction

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Ginsberg Chiropractic ( offers a series of natural and non-pharmaceutical solutions for scoliosis pain and immobility. The clinic is well known for provision of effective solutions to various types of pain.

PRESS RELEASE: Geneva IL, 28-JUNE-2014 – Ginsberg Chiropractic and Dr. David Ginsberg DC are pleased to announce that scoliosis pain and related symptoms can be relieved by using natural methods and techniques, rather than more traditional measures. The Geneva chiropractor has the skills and experience to identify the type of therapeutic plans that will offer a better opportunity to live a pain-free life.

According to Dr. Ginsburg DC, “Scoliosis affects millions of people in the United States each year. Both adolescent children and adults can experience the pain and other conditions. It is most commonly found in girls between the ages of ten and fifteen. There is a tendency for the condition to be inherited. Evaluation by a trained professional is necessary to determine the level and progress of the condition.’

He continues, “The condition called scoliosis refers to a lateral curvature of the spine of more than ten degrees. There may also be abnormal curvatures toward the front or toward the back. The curvature of the spine is usually accompanied by a rotation of the vertebrae. Most of the cases, about four out of five, are from an unknown cause. The other twenty percent might be due to tumors, neurological disease or trauma.”

Structural scoliosis is not typically helped by chiropractic techniques, but functional scoliosis caused by a variation in leg length, muscle spasms or posture problems are often able to be addressed using chiropractic means. The condition often limits activity, causes pain and reduces lung function. It may also affect the function of the heart. Actions to alleviate the condition improve the self-esteem. They usually are focused on relieving pain and improving overall posture.

Learn more about natural scoliosis correction by checking out the website at today. Members of the press and others who have further questions about the details in this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. David Ginsberg at the location offered below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. David Ginsberg, D. C.

Company Name: Ginsberg Chiropractics

Address: 1795 W. State Street Suite D, Geneva, Illinois 60134

Contact Telephone Number: (630) 232-6400



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