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The more {regular:frequent} use of cell phones for texting, gaming, etc…. rather than talking is resulting in a typical {hunched: slumped} forward posture with rounded shoulders. The amount of time spent doing this, and other related activities like snapchatting, gaming and playing with tablets is resulting in a younger population complaining of upper back and neck problems. These problems, associated with this posture can also occur from sitting and reading or studying for long periods too. However, the amount of time spent texting when added together tends to be much greater than the amount of time sitting and studying. It is really becoming a problem.

In addition, we are seeing younger and younger kids–5 and 7 year olds complaining of sore backs and necks much more frequently now because of their more regular use of tablets and cell phones to play games and watch movies. It is something that is really going to poorly affect a persons life as they get olderĀ  if they don’t get a handle on improving these postures and limiting these activities.

Posture is the way you balance your body. If your body is used to sitting and standing {hunched:slouched} the tissues will mold and fold this way and you eventually only feel comfortable carrying yourself in this manner. Your body adapts to the slouched bent over weak posture. This kind of posture, besides making you look older and less healthy, has also been associated with harboring negative emotions and lower self esteem. It isn’t simply a matter of sitting up straight once the compensation and adaptation have begun, because you actually develop shortened tight muscles and joints that have shifted and become locked out of position. This type of weak posture can also result in labored or inappropriate breathing patterns. The whole thing becomes a cycle of poor posture, weakness, poor health.

To prevent this from occurring, try and {reduce:limit} the amount of time texting and/or gaming. Make sure to hold the phone or tablet up high and in front of you. You can also rest your forearms for texting or tablet use on a table in front of you. The same holds true when reading and studying. The higher up you place your book to avoid craning your neck down the less stress you will be creating. In addition, always try and sit in a good chair with a nice back support to avoid the slouched upper back.

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