Getting the Most From Your Back Pain Chiropractic Regimen with a Chiropractor in Geneva

by dr.g

Back pain is an all-too-common complaint.  Traditional doctors usually try to alleviate it by prescribing powerful painkillers, or even resorting to surgery.  These remedies often do not provide effective, long-term relief and only mask the symptoms.  Back pain chiropractic care seeks to address the underlying causes of pain and provide natural, long-lasting solutions.  This approach to wellness encourages patients to take an active role in reaching their health goals.

Back pain chiropractic care begins with a thorough evaluation to determine the source of the pain.  The practitioner then educates patients about their condition and possible solutions to mitigate it.  Together, they develop a patient-driven care plan.

Most people associate chiropractic care with spinal adjustments that return misaligned vertebrae to their proper position, but this holistic approach involves many other components.  Patients are usually given a customized exercise routine to build core muscles.  Strengthening the musculoskeletal structures that support the spine reduces the risk of recurring injuries and pain.  Stretching exercises can help restore body balance.

Back pain chiropractic care may also involve coaching in how to make lifestyle changes that will keep pain at bay.  These may include tips on how to improve posture.  Ergonomic instruction may be provided to help patients avoid on-the-job injuries associated with overly strenuous or repetitive tasks.  Periods of prolonged sitting, such as when working at a computer for hours on end, can also place strain on the neck and back.  Getting up and stretching periodically can promote back health.

Many painful conditions are caused or exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies.  The chiropractor is likely to provide nutritional counseling to help patients make better decisions about what they eat.  If they’re not getting enough vitamins and minerals through diet alone, the practitioner may recommend supplementation.

To get the most out of chiropractic care, it’s critical to follow through on the chiropractor’s recommendations.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions or bring up any concerns you may have.  Back pain chiropractic care is more than just pain-management. It’s about helping you achieve and maintain optimal overall wellness.

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