Ginsberg Chiropractic Office in Mill Creek-Geneva Offers Progressive Relaxation for Back Pain and other ailments

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Professional Pain Relief Services for Back and Other Issues

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Geneva, IL – June 1, 2017 – The Ginsberg Chiropractic Office in Mill-Creek offers progressive relaxation for back pain and other medical ailments. Led by Dr. David Ginsberg, the clinic is committed to excellence in alleviating back pain and tension. Whether dealing with sports-related injuries, obesity or wrenched backs, the chiropractic center has the tools and experience to restore optimal mobility and flexibility. This is done with traditional pain relievers, along with therapeutic massages and even adjustments. Some patients may also require weekly rehab sessions, as well as wearing supports and braces for extensive back injuries.

Progressive relaxation is a popular technique designed to relax the muscles. Similarly, this process helps alleviate any pressure on joints, tendons and ligaments. Dr. Ginsberg and his highly dedicated team will first examine the body for all underlying issues. This may include bone density problems, as well as lack of calcium or simple stress and tension. They will then implement a two-step process, which includes massaging the neck and shoulders. This helps release the tension and allows muscles to relax and function at normal levels.

Dr. Ginsberg determines the right care needed to get your muscles going again. He also utilizes adjustments, which are pivotal in releasing any nerve tension. This results in swelling deduction, while stimulating blood flow and oxygen levels throughout the body. The result is a completely revitalized, rejuvenated and replenished patient that is now able to move freely and perform normal activities and daily chores.

For patients experiencing chronic or recurring back pain, progressive relaxation is a proven way to ease the stress and restore mobility. For more information or to schedule an appointment, simply contact the Ginsberg Back Pain Chiropractic Office today and experience the results!

Contact Information:
Ginsberg Chiropractic Office
1795 W. State Street, Suite D
Geneva, Illinois 60134
(630) 232-6400

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