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Example of poor posture or postural kyphosis

Example of poor posture or postural kyphosis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s face it…. slouchy posture makes us look and feel older than we really are. Did you know that poor posture actually detracts from good health?!?!?

Posture affects every physiologic function from breathing to hormone production. Scientific research links back pain, arthritis, headaches, blood pressure problems and lung capacity to conditions influenced by poor posture. Weak posture causes us to age prematurely!

Why does poor posture have such a large impact on our health?

Normally the head which for most of us weights between 10-15 lbs. sits directly over our rib cage which helps to protect the heart and lungs. As the head moves forward off the ribcage gravity begins exerting a significant amount of stress on the muscles, ligaments, bones and tendons of the neck and thoracic spine, as well as, potentially affecting vascular, heart and lung function. Continued postural distortions can also impair digestion and other physiologic functions in addition to contributing to advanced spinal degeneration.

Besides all of the negative effects described above, poor posture justs makes us look older. If you have difficulty sitting or standing up straight, you naturally slouch or notice your head juts forward like a turtle you probably cannot fix this on your own. Your body may have joint or muscle fixations that originally caused you to carry yourself a certain way and now you have adapted the way you sit, stand or move as a compensation.

Yoga, stretching and Pilates can all be helpful in improving posture. Visiting your chiropractor to assess spinal joint misalignment and dysfunction, muscle tightness and imbalances as well as weaknesses will result in the most specific and comprehensive postural rehabilitation plan tailored to your specific postural problems.

If your are in pain or just don’t feel your best most days, call us to make an appointment or to see how we may be able to help.


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