Healthy Neurological Development for Kids

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Sucking, sitting up, crawling, walking, colic, asthma and ear infections!!!

The above activities represent developmental milestones that most children reach at predictable ages. In addition, many children also suffer from some colic, ear infections and asthma during these same ages. What’s the connection? Proper development of the immune and  nervous system is imperative for children to reach these milestones and for them to avoid having the above described illnesses.

Because every single cell and organ of the body is connected via the nervous system, which is protected by the skull and bones of the spine, having proper alignment can help to allow for proper nervous system function and ultimately proper development.

Many parents do not realize that subluxations or misalignments of the spine can result in colic, ear infections, asthma and altered development.

A recent case study in August  Journal of Pediatric and Maternal Family Health documents a case study of a “23-month-old female suffering from asthma, gastrointestinal complaints and frequent colds was presented for a chiropractic evaluation and possible care. At this time, the patient was taking a series of different asthma medications and was also under constant monitoring by her pediatric pulmonologist.”  Chiropractic adjustments were perfomed on various levels of vertebral subluxation, which appeared to affecting respiratory and immune function.

“Within approximately 11 months, the patient’s parents reported a 90% improvement of their child’s condition. The patient was able to reduce her care plan frequency and discontinued use of all medications. The parents also reported a decrease in their child’s asthma, sinus problems andfrequency of colds.
The birth process itself can result in up to 80% of infants having subluxations resulting in future problems like asthma, colic, ear infections and or learning and development problems.  This is the reason I advocate all newborns have a spinal check-up with a qualified pediatric chiropractor within the first month of their lives.– Have your kids been checked yet? Afterall they have the most to lose and the most to gain!
J. Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health – August 4, 2011

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