Heartburn medication and fracture risk

by dr.g

The use of acid blocking medications and proton pump inhibitors is widespread in our society. Unfortunately most people do not realize they are shutting off digestion when they take these medications, compromising the entire digestive process and our ability to absorb vital nutrients. They also do not realize the symptoms of reflux or heartburn are exactly the same symptoms people get when they have too little stomach acid.

The use of digestive enzymes is a much safer practice than using these over the counter and prescription medications, and they come without the risk of fractures. Click on article link below warning of  increased fracture risk from these medications.

Before considering more drastic measures you can try more traditional remedies like chewing a stick of non sugar gum. Chewing brings up saliva and when you swallow it pushes acid down. Licorice can form a protective barrier against stomach acid. Chamomile has shown some success for heartburn.

Read more: http://healthmad.com/conditions-and-diseases/heartburn-relief-and-prevention/#ixzz10qP9hk4H

FYI: chiropractic adjustments can also relieve the symptoms of heartburn and help with ulcers and reflux. Visit your chiropractor today.

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