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Just look at someone with good posture and they immediately look healthier.

And the opposite is also true. Generally someone with very poor posture looks older than they really are.

Bodies all have a basic need to move. Exercise strengthens muscles, while inactivity weakens them. Joint problems and stiffness usually mean that joints are not being moved in a full, normal range of motion. Take the individual who sits at a desk all day long–leading to shortened hip flexors and hamstrings, as well as, tight upper back and shortened neck muscles. Or the soccer mom who spends hours of her day driving the kids around. What about kids sitting at their computers, video games, or facebooking on there cell phones? These activities all involve sitting which tends to lead to stiffness and shortening of the muscles and joints resulting in poor posture.

This limited movement results in the muscles that normally move the joints to become weaker. We’ve all heard, “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.” Half of the body is muscle, bone, and joint, and its purpose is to move. If you don’t keep your body moving, you will gradually lose the ability to move well.


Posture Ball and other Posture Exercises move the spine and other joints in seldom used patterns, stretching tight muscles and ligaments. When a joint is kept moving fully and freely the muscles controlling that joint stay strong, the joint stays lubricated, and the normal mechanical stress in the joint is distributed over a greater surface area. Plus, Posture Exercises require balance, so the body’s balance muscles are worked and strengthened. Choosing a daily Posture Stretch is an anti-aging Life Habit to keep your body moving. Age is a state of mind… as well as body.

It’s never to early or late to begin thinking about improving your posture. Consult your chiropractor or other movement specialist today to see what you can do to improve posture and balance.

Go here for more information on chiropractic and posture exercise as an anti-aging tool!

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