Kids Find Leg Pain Relief with Geneva IL Pediatric Chiropractor

by dr.g

Millions of parents have discovered the benefit of bringing their children to a pediatric chiropractor. A Geneva chiropractor knows how to remove stress in their nervous system by gentle manipulation of any misalignments in the spine, hips, and in any tissues that have been stretched or irritated, in order to return their body to A-1 working condition.

A Geneva chiropractor will tell you that that many children suffer from leg pain. Leg pain can be caused by many things, including sciatica. The sciatic nerve can become inflamed when the sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed, and often can result in leg pain. This pain can be eliminated by a well-trained chiropractic doctor, and may include special exercises.

Children’s leg pains might also be a result of Femoral Pain Syndrome of the patella. This particular pain is felt directly underneath the knee cap. Because this pain can develop without any warning, it’s often misdiagnosed in kids. It’s frequently written off as ‘natural’ growing pains that a kid ought to bear and possibly outgrow. A Geneva chiropractor knows that a natural solution to your child’s pain is preferable to using pain medication. Too much pain medication may result in long-term damage to a kid’s kidneys, stomach, and liver.

Another frequent source of pain for kids are growing pains. Nearly 20% of children have growing pains, and these pains can be present in infants, as well as in kids between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. During times of rapid growth, intense pressure is put on their spine and nervous system. It is very common for kids to suffer a substantial amount of muscle and joint pain when these growth pains occur.

Parents should not ignore these pains, or just assume that their children will outgrow them. A Geneva chiropractor who specializes in children may help in various ways. He will use gentle, simple adjustments to help to alleviate your child’s pain. Having adjustments done early in their lives will help a child to avoid future, more serious pain, bad posture and spinal distortion.

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