Last Minute Marathon Tips

by dr.g

Looks like the weather is going to be nearly perfect this Sunday for the Chicago Marathon. With that said the most important thing for runners to do is to finish up there preparation properly.  A few last minute tips:

1) Don’t run any extra miles this week: don’t take on any big home projects or try any new sports with your kids– you run the risk of having fatigued muscles or worse yet last minute injury.

2) Next, review your training log for all the long runs- over 16 miles- which ones did you feel best or worst: what did you eat for breakfast, what calories and fluids did you take during those runs, what was the temperature and what did you wear. Attempt to duplicate all the activities from the good long runs on race day exactly and make sure not to repeat what didn’t work if possible.

3) Spend some time visualizing yourself during the race. See yourself handling the discomfort during miles 20-26 and crossing the finish line. Try and see the clock with your goal time flashing.

4)Develop a mantra: something like “steady and smooth” or “just keep moving forward” that you can repeat to yourself during the race when you are not feeling your best. This kind of positive self talk can help get you through the rough patches until you feel decent again.

5) Develop your pre-race and race plan and write it down: How many calories will you take before and during the race, at what mile  will you take them, gels or liquid. If you are taking your own how will you carry them, etc.. What will you eat for breakfast and what time. When will you get to the start. Make sure to use the info from your training log to confirm this is the best plan for you.

6) Don’t try anything new on race day including shoes and clothes

7) What will you wear before during and after the marathon. Make sure to lay it all out ahead of time.

8) Remember to have fun- after all you signed up for this torture. Feel good that you are part of less than 3% of the population that has completed a marathon.

Good Luck

Dr. G

And after the race try and take a week or two off of running altogether. Read below what Ryan Hall does-

“You mentioned that you need to let your body recover…how will you go about doing that? Will you take a complete break from running or back off the tough workouts or what?

Yeah, I am going to take a good break from running. I usually take two weeks of no running after a major marathon. I am going to be praying about it, but I am thinking I will take at least two weeks completely off, maybe more.”

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