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Pain in children is a challenging situation to deal with for you as a parent if you suspect your child is in pain. Pain issues for children can be a challenge for any parent to figure out because of the following simple facts. And, sometimes before a parent can know that pain is the underlying problem. It is never too late for a child to see their Geneva chiropractor for an initial pain-free, comfortable, and enjoyable exam.

  • Younger children do not know what is happening when they have pain
  • Younger children may start to display behavioral problems in answer to pain issues
  • Younger children cannot adequately communicate the pain level, type of pain, or where the pain is in their body

Parents must be forever vigilant with younger children until they are older and can articulate where their pain is, what kind of pain they have, and how bad the pain is they are dealing.

It is no surprise to those who believe in the services of a Geneva Chiropractor that babies as young as two weeks of age should be seen and adjusted by their chiropractic professional.

During the birthing process, the child’s body goes through enormous trauma. The baby’s body is twisted, turned, pulled, and pushed towards delivery. Even though the child’s bones are flexible enough, tiny vertebrae often slip out of alignment.

These small vertebrae cause no problems at first, but as the child grows the parents may begin to notice issues such as slanting shoulders and have poor posture.

When these problems go untreated, the child may display some behavior problems, become antisocial, irritable, and may exhibit learning problems.

Pain issues in children can be eliminated through an initial exam of your baby’s spine and with regular visits to your Geneva Chiropractor. If you have never taken your child to a chiropractor for an initial neck and back exam, you are wise to set up your free no-obligation consult.

You can keep your child’s pain at bay through regular chiropractor visits.

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