Running Faster Times in 2011

by dr.g

The first step in Running Faster times for 2011 is to take a personal health inventory.

Were you injured last season and how did you deal with it.

Was your treatment  successful in treating the cause or did you simply mask the symptoms with medications?

Are you still feeling the effects of an IT band injury or some low back pain discomfort?

Before beginning a  new training program and picking out races it is important to first answer these questions. Without looking back at your successes and failures and then comparing them to what your previous running goals were you run a very high risk of repeating the same mistakes or suffering a less than desirable future outcome.

So, take a  health inventory of your present condition and of any lowback, neck, calf, IT band, knee or hip issues you might have had last season and rate where you are at. Then ask yourself  “what  did I do with my training as far as altering it, consulting a coach or a sports physician to help me modify it to allow for proper recovery and how did that work for me. Also, what  might I need to do to now to get myself at or near 100% prior to beginning  a new training and racing season. If  you haven’t guessed it by now, getting and remaining health is the first step in running faster times in 2011. Without health it is unlikely you can perform at your best!!!!

For other helpful hints on how to get faster in 2011 see the article at

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Nancy Kleinemeier March 10, 2011 at 1:18 am

It was very interesting about listening to what your body is saying about how it feels. Then you can see a chiropractor that will make you feel great.
Learning how to prepare for running faster times for 2011. That it is so important to take a personal health inventory of your present condition. Review what you did in the past and see if that worked for you. Ask yourself what I can do to achieve 100% prior to beginning a new training and racing season. This is very insightful in order to prepare for a new season.


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