Sciatica Treatments

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Many people have heard the word sciatica, and they typically think of pain running from the buttock down the leg. For many with sciatica this is what they experience. However, sciatica or sciatic nerve pressure can occur in a wide vary of symptom pictures from simple buttock pain, hamstring tightness, pain behind the knee, lateral foot pain or numbness in some or all of the leg or foot. Many have a combination of the above symptoms. In all cases, there is pressure on the sciatic nerve either from a disc bulge, bone spur, vertebral misalignment and or muscular entrapment. In rare cases, tumors or masses can result in sciatica.

The most common treatments are oral antiinflammatory medications and rest, physical therapy exercises, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, steroid injections and surgery. In the majority of cases, even if there is a disc bulge or herniation, chiropractic care provides the most effective treatment because it works at eliminating the source of the problem which is causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. In some cases, injections, medications and or exercises will also be employed along with chiropractic adjustments to help provide long term correction for patients with sciatica.

For a really nice overview on sciatica and chiropractic treatment check out the Livestrong site.

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