Tis the Season- For Low Back Pain?

by dr.g

Low Back Pain and the Holidays!

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I often have a lot of patients come in during this time of year with complaints of new or exacerbations  of their lower back pain.  Pulling out decorations, putting up the Christmas Tree, wrapping presents on the floor, and ah that dreaded snow all contribute to a host of physical activity and body positions we often are not used to. Sometimes it is these activities themselves that strain the back muscles or cause a vertebra to subluxate or move out of alignment.

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However, most of the  time the individual already had a minor misalignment of the spine that caused them little or no discomfort that was merely aggravated by the new movement or positions that accompany the holiday season! This aggravation causes some inflammation, and maybe some muscle spasm and is best corrected by getting to the cause which is the misaligned vertebra. The quicker you get in and get checked the less likely it is for this discomfort to lead to a major back problem.  Better yet, I have found over the years that patients who come in for regular checkups before they have any low back pain often do not have any flare ups from these types of activities.

Keep in mind that being in great shape doesn’t mean you are not at risk for having some back pain from a simple movement like putting up a Christmas Tree. If you have underlying subluxations or joint misalignment you are at risk even if there is no current symptom. Just like you go to the gym to stay in shape it is important to make sure your spine stays in shape and flexible with periodic checkups and adjustments.

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