Trust Your Low Back Pain Relief To A Geneva Chiropractic Office

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Low back pain is a widespread phenomenon with 31 million people in the US affected currently. Globally, it is an often disabling pain that prevents the victims from working or enjoying life. It is the second highest reason people give for seeking professional care. The majority of those will benefit by turning to Geneva Chiropractic.

The cost to Americans is over $50 billion per year. Its prevalence is due to the complexity of its structure. It is composed of the spinal vertebrae that encase the spinal cord, ligaments, joints and muscle.

Sports injuries, automobile accidents and heavy lifting can all lead to lower back pain. Ongoing conditions such as arthritis or bone loss may be the cause. A physical illness such as kidney stones may be to blame.

At one time people would consider bed rest as the optimal care. Now that is known to be a solution that may only exacerbate the condition. One type of care that has been effective is spinal manipulation. For that care you will turn to a chiropractor.

When you step into the office for the first time, a discussion of your condition will ensue. A physical examination of the spine will be done. Questions about the pain and how long it has impacted your life will shed light on your condition.

This thorough evaluation will indicate whether spinal manipulation is the appropriate care for you. If it is, this effective way to alleviate pain will be scheduled. The care is non-invasive and requires no medication.

Acute back pain is best cared for by a chiropractor. There are research studies on the topic. Most individuals respond favorably to spinal manipulations administered until the pain is under control.

Following that, carefully spaced appointments for adjustments will maintain your good health. You can avoid future pain by following your chiropractor’s professional advice. A routine of gentle exercises, a diet rich in healthy foods and trading in your high heels for comfortable shoes are a few of the tips to avoid repeat injuries to your lower back.

You can get all-natural and safe back, thigh, knee and ankle pain relief through chiropractic care. Click here for info about an experienced Geneva chiropractic doctor at now.

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