Why are so many kids on drugs?

by dr.g

I have been practicing chiropractic for 21 years now. Since I began my practice I have worried that the line between prescription and over the counter and even the recreational use of drugs was getting very blurry.

I contend that the use of medications is become so common place that much of society believes they need one or more medications in order for them to be healthy or function. There use is just that common. Don’t believe me- a recent post on www.mercola.com stated that more than 25% of US teens are taking a prescription medication and over 7% are taking 2 or more.  Honestly, do you really believe that one fourth of the kids in this country need to be on medication?

TV, newspaper, radio- all over the media children and adults are bombarded daily with the message that if something hurts take a pill. Feeling a little tired take a drink for more energy, can’t sit still in class take this to calm you down, mood is down we got something for that too. The rampant use of the internet to disseminate information, no matter how accurate it is, makes the exposure to the use of drugs even more prevalent and more acceptable.

And it won’t be long before these kinds of messages will be texted directly to their smartphones and ipads. People we have to start thinking about this seriously. If something hurts and a person turns to alcohol or illegal drugs we consider that harmful. Yet, if a doctor prescribes medications for similar situations it is considered ok? I know I am over simplifying here, but as I started this blog, the line has become way to blurry.

We no longer have health care in this country. What the media hails as early prevention is nothing more than early detection aimed at getting people on expensive drugs or treatments earlier. None of these measures teach individuals to take better care of themselves.We have the most expensive health care system in the world with access to more than any other developed nation; yet in a recent study on health indicators we ranked 12th out of 13 countries and 15th out of 25 industrialized nations according to the World Health Organization.

In order for us to have true health care reform we need to change our entire way of thinking. The system is broken beyond repair. The third leading cause of death in the US is iatrogenic (this means caused by doctors or hospitals). Some statisticians actually rank iatrogenic causes as the number one leading cause of death in the US. And these aren’t all medication errors, in many instances people die taking the correct dosage of medication prescribed by their doctor. We need to as individuals look seriously at what we can do to improve our health now, before we become ill.

Start with daily meditation or quiet time to reduce stress. Exercise a few times a week. Stop eating fast and processed foods and drinking soda pop. Perform stretching and yoga type exercises to feel better and reduce pain. Seek out the advice of a chiropractor or movement therapist to help improve posture and movement.

The time is now. Begin today. If you don’t you will just end up as one of the statistics above. If you need help or guidance on where to begin call me at my office or check out our website at www.kidchiro.com.

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