Why do I always hurt?

by dr.g

If you are a regular exerciser, especially a runner, you have probably experienced feeling looser and less pain following your workout. After all exercise is supposed to make us feel good right. For a lot of us, this just isn’t the case.

In fact , many people often  experience chronic aches and pains in a particular joint or muscle after they exercise. Things like tendonitis, plantar fascitis,  chronic muscle sprains and even IT band syndrome are the result of a chronic inflammatory state.

Most people can understand how chronic stress to the muscles and joints may result in some inflammation and typically chalk up their pain and inflammation to just such a cause.

What most folks do not realize is that what you put into your body is used as fuel to run us. Often times people have food sensitivities, not a true allergy, which results in an inflammatory response. Allergy is the result of a hyperactive immune response that is triggered immediately upon the exposure to the allergen. If that is a protein in a certain food or pollen in the  air it results in release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators that can cause the throat to close, itchy watery eyes, stuffyness of the nose  and skin reactions. In severe cases, even shock and death.

Sensitivities to food or chemicals often result in a delayed reaction, so it might take you eating a certain food you are sensitive to  multiple times, or a combination of different foods before enough inflammation occurs that you even realize something is wrong. Dairy and wheat are the most common sensitivities which can cause inflammation in the body. Regularly eating these foods may result in you not recovering as well from workouts and even prolong  injury or soreness in muscles and ligaments.

If you have an injury or soreness you just cant get rid of maybe you have a food sensitivity that is holding you back. Try cutting out dairy and wheat first (wheat is in everything so this won’t be easy) for a month or so and see how you feel. You might be pleasantly surprised. For more information check out the paleo diet for athletes.

For more information on handling inflammation without medications:


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